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PreveCeutical Initiates Preparation of Proof-of-Concept Preclinical Study for its Diabetes & Obesity Dual Gene Therapy Program

Vancouver, British Columbia:  PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (the “Company” or “PreveCeutical”) (CSE: PREV, OTCQB: PRVCF, FSE: 18H), is pleased to announce that it has started preparations to accelerate completion of its preclinical dual gene therapy program using our developed and in vitro validated Smart-siRNA sequences, which when paired with our proprietary bioresponsive lipid-nanoparticulate delivery systems (US patent no. 11,566,044) effectively target the PTPN1 gene.

PreveCeutical has received direct interest in our diabetes & obesity dual gene therapy program from a world-leading pharmaceutical company established in the diabetes and obesity therapeutic space. Explicit interest in our gene target has been expressed while also requesting the completion of gene-protein silencing efficacy and safety evaluation studies in rodent disease models, employing our lead Smart-siRNA bio-responsive carrier systems. Completing the planned proof-of-concept preclinical studies will enable PreveCeutical and the potential pharmaceutical partner to evaluate the next steps toward developing a commercial product for clinical trials.

To address the global rise of diabetes and obesity, and in furtherance of PreveCeutical’s preventive health care focus, the Research Program builds on years of multi-disciplinary R&D in diabetes and obesity. It will pursue a dual-gene therapy strategy using proprietary bionanotechnological approaches. The rational design of tissue-targeted bioresponsive gene delivery systems (completed) will now be accompanied by gene- and protein-silencing in animal models of obesity and diabetes.

PreveCeutical has instructed its research partners to provide final details as to the cost and timeframe to complete these studies in a robust yet expedited manner. PreveCeutical has also approached multiple investment bankers and investors to provide the funding required to complete the preclinical studies. We anticipate commencing preclinical studies in early 2024, dependent on the expediency by which our funding and research partners supply/secure the necessary resources, the discussions of which are in the advanced stages with all parties.

Stephen Van Deventer, CEO and Chairman of PreveCeutical, commented, “We are excited to see that the research program we started to develop years ago was on point that the global need for diabetes and obesity will become a massive therapeutic need and that our choice of the PTPN1 gene we targeted has been validated by pharmaceutical companies also interested in targeting the same gene.”

About PreveCeutical

PreveCeutical is a health sciences company that develops innovative options for preventive and curative therapies utilizing organic and nature identical products.  The Company aims to be a leader in the preventive health sciences sector.  

With the completion of three of its research programs, the Company is actively working on the development, clinical trials, and commercialization of its products; and has filed a number of provisional patent applications to protect the intellectual property from its research programs.

For more information about PreveCeutical, please visit our website www.PreveCeutical.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of PreveCeutical                                                                    

Stephen Van Deventer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

For further information, please contact:

Stephen Van Deventer:  +1 604 306 9669

Or Investor Relations ir@preveceutical.com                                                                                                


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