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"Prevention is better than cure." - Desiderius Erasmus


PreveCeutical - Word Origin Preve(ntive) + (Pharma)Ceutical.
“Preve”ntive [pri-ven-tiv] (noun), a medicine or other treatment designed to stop disease or ill health from occurring; “Ceutical” [soo-ti-kuh] (suffix), refined healing item or therapy.

Head quartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, PreveCeutical Medical Inc. has a world class team with a passion for researching and developing innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs. Bringing to market treatments and therapies that make real, palpable differences in the lives of those who need them. The company is staking out important positions in diverse areas such as diabetes and obesity, pain management, neurological disorders and cancer.

Our Story

2009 - 2014

Stephen Van Deventer, a seasoned business person and venture capitalist and Kimberly Cole, a successful entrepreneur met in 2009 and formed a business partnership. This was a great meeting of minds. In 2010 they started Cornerstone Global Partners, a venture capital, and business development company.  They were involved in a number of ventures and building companies. 

2015 - 2016

Steve and Kimberly were very interested in the health and wellness market.  They started looking into the utilisation of nature and science for the benefit of health-conscious consumers. With that in mind, they coined and trademarked the word PreveCeutical to which captures the demand for preventive health products and nutraceuticals.  They formed PreveCeutical Medical Inc., a company that was incorporated in British Columbia on October 2nd, 2015. 

Steve and Kimberly raised equity with the help of friends, family and associates which provided the capital to grow the company including creating a team that works with them to further the business purpose.  They continued to look for innovative solutions and products that promote good health and wellness. 


With a continued focus on utilising nature and science, in April 2017 PreveCeutical formed a partnership with UniQuest Pty Limited, the main commercialisation company for the University of Queensland in which UniQuest will conduct a number of research programs for PreveCeutical. Continued growth in the company has and is fostering amazing partnerships. In May of this year a partnership with Uniquest at the Queensland University was struck; Australia’s leading commercialisation entity consistently in the top tier of technology transfer worldwide. With development programs for four exciting therapies underway, PreveCeutical is moving steadily forward. The team is celebrating the success of their IPO in their new corporate office space.


PreveCeutical achieved several notable milestones this year and continued to execute its strategy to become a global preventive healthcare company. The Company expanded its operations and incorporated an Australian subsidiary, PreveCeutical (Australia) Pty Ltd. The decision was influenced by Australia’s strong foundation of academic and clinical research and the Australian research and development tax incentives.

PreveCeutical achieved the 2018 research targets for the BSV Nature Identical™ Peptide Program and the Sol-Gel Cannabinoid Delivery Program. A research and option agreement with the University of Queensland and UniQuest seeking to develop a Non-Addictive Analgesic for the treatment of pain has been made. This program aims to offer an alternative to opioids.

PreveCeutical’s Dual Gene Therapy Program brought together leading scientific teams from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane and Murdoch University in Perth. The teams created a 10- to 12-month plan to successfully conclude the program’s current phase by demonstrating proof-of-concept in the delivery of smart siRNAs and effective in-cell modulation of a key biomarker implicated in diabetes and obesity.

PreveCeutical closed a non-brokered private placement that was oversubscribed. The proceeds were used to fund the Company’s research and development programs and general working capital purposes.


2019 had PreveCeutical’s programs all yielding positive results and led to the filing of new patent applications for the Non-Addictive Analgesic Program. Asterion Cannabis Inc. has entered into a Option to purchase agreement with PreveCeutical in the Sol-Gel Cannabinoid Delivery Program. The agreement gives Asterion the right to purchase up to 51% of the soluble gel delivery system to deliver its medicinal cannabinoids, paving the way for direct nose-to-brain delivery; it also aims to generate funds for PreveCeutical.

The successful completion of the design, synthesis and preliminary evaluation of key peptides from its BSV Peptide Program is expected to enable the Company to develop its own proprietary, peptide therapeutics, which are intended for therapeutic applications.

Two independent directors, Keith Anderson and Mark Lotz, joined the Board of Directors, both with extensive public sector experience. Dr. Mak Jawadekar was appointed as President and Chief Science Officer; he will be key to finding strategic partners to move these programs forward. With these additions, PreveCeutical will benefit from years of insight, judgment and counsel and further strengthen its corporate governance.


2020 was a unique and challenging year worldwide. PreveCeutical used this time to navigate the complex challenges and make proactive, strategic decisions that will improve the health and well-being of people around the world and provide great momentum to the Company as we go forward.

Following the successful completion of our BSV Nature Identical™ Peptide Program, Sol-Gel Cannabinoid Delivery Program and the Cannabinoid Sol-Gel Program for Coronavirus and Influenza during 2020. PreveCeutical retained Griffith Hack to ensure PreveCeutical’s intellectual property is secure. Griffith Hack assists clients not only with procuring IP but also with its IP strategy. The Company has filed several provisional patents that will add tremendous value and help build partnerships or commercialize peptide-based therapies. Our Dual Gene Therapy Program is ongoing, and the Non-Addictive Analgesic Program is coming to a positive close.

In 2020 PreveCeutical committed to excellence added James Henderson as a Public Officer and Director of its subsidiary company. Mr. Henderson is HLB Mann Judd’s Managing Partner in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and a respected business strategist with an extensive range of expertise and knowledge across a multitude of industries.

PreveCeutical also acquired Dr. Ajit Shetty as an advisor and consultant for the Company. Dr. Shetty has extensive pharmaceutical experience leading commercial and supply chain operations, having spent 36 years at Johnson & Johnson in a wide range of global roles.

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