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Dual Gene Therapy Targeting Both Diabetes
and Obesity

PreveCeutical’s advantage is demonstrated proof of concept. Over five years of multi-disciplinary research, Dr. Parekh’s team has collectively generated convincing results in models of this disease, using Smart siRNA and a Tissue Targeted Bio-responsive Carrier System. This program paves the way for preclinical evaluation of proprietary chemistry toward the single gene target implicated in both diabetes and obesity, thereby reducing capacity to store fat, reversing obesity, fatty liver disease, and possibly curing the disease rather than just managing it.

“With diabetes, over-production of a particular protein molecule has been identified and purposed to be responsible for the key drivers of diabetes and obesity, starting patient on an inevitable journey of significant co-morbidity and increased rates of mortality.

PreveCeutical’s gene-silencing technology would effectively “turn off” the genetic signal which leads to the over-production of this key protein molecule, bringing it back down to safe, normalized levels; this would in turn help our cells to absorb glucose, thus reducing blood sugar levels and prevent the body from storing excessive fat from our diet. Thus gene-silencing does not represent a mere management for diabetes and obesity, it represents the potential for a bona fide cure or, in cases where patients have a pre-disposition to diabetes or are in the pre-diabetes state, it can be applied as a ‘PreveCeutical’ to halt progress to the full-blown disease.

This is not merely theoretical. Five years of painstaking work has gone into this initiative and management has already taken this research through the proof-of-concept stage in cellular models of diabetes and obesity.” – Chief Research Officer: Dr. Harry Parekh, PhD, MRPharmS

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